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How to Select a Car Wash Machine

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A car wash machine is a device used to wash and dry cars. There are various types of car wash machines available in the market, and each one offers different features and benefits. These machines are available at different prices, depending on their model and technology. However, if you're planning to invest in an automatic car wash machine, you should first do your research. A Machine Selector tool can be helpful in this regard.

Automatics are common in retail settings and come with touch-free and friction-free systems. They wash the exterior and interior of a car while it is stationary, and they can wash 10 to 15 vehicles per hour. Most automatic machines also feature an automated pay station to collect payment from customers. These units also have an integrated tire sensor that keeps track of the wheels and distance between them.

The car wash machine market is split into two segments: household and commercial. The latter has dominated the market in 2018, and is expected to continue to do so in the coming years. Self-serve, tunnel, and in-bay automatics are three of the main types of commercial car wash machines available. Increasing awareness among consumers regarding proper vehicle maintenance is anticipated to fuel the commercial segment's growth.

The length of the conveyor is a crucial consideration when choosing car wash equipment. The ideal length for most locations is 18m. This length allows for 50-60 cars per hour and requires space for line up. If you are planning to install a conveyor longer than this, you should choose a machine with four swing arm brushes and skirt brushes. However, if you're looking for maximum capacity, a 30m conveyor is better. You can even choose to buy a customized machine to suit your specific requirements.

While automatic car washes may be convenient, they're also a little harsh on the exterior of your vehicle. While this may be a minor drawback, it can offset the time-saving aspect of them. Although many people only want to get to their destination, they may not take the time to clean their vehicle properly. A hand wash is still the best way to remove tough dirt from your car's exterior, and it also can help you get those hard-to-reach areas.

An automatic car wash will use a heated blower to dry the water. Afterward, an attendant will hand-wipe the car with a soft clean towel. The blower can be abrasive, so be sure to rinse it properly after using it on your car. Using the same sponge repeatedly can also introduce abrasives to the process.

Automatic car washes typically come in two types: roll-over and conveyor. Roll-over car washes require you to remain parked in a lane while the wash equipment moves your car. They're popular at gas stations, and typically self-serve. Conveyor-style car washes typically feature a long tunnel where the car goes through a series of synchronized machines.

Automatic car washes can also include a manual attendant. For a manual car wash, an attendant may pre-wash the car, before the automatic wash. They can also include an outside attendant to assist with specific features. Once your car has been washed, you may need to pay for additional services. Some automatic washes even feature special features for the front grill and rear end.

Before you start your auto car wash, you need a few essential items. These include deionized water, a two-gallon pump and car shampoo. The water will be used to wash and rinse your vehicle. A special cloth will be used to wipe off water and dirt from your car's mirrors, corners and inside doors.

Use a soft microfiber cloth. An old t-shirt will not do the job well. You can also use a tattered towel, but these are not as soft as a microfiber cloth. Alternatively, a microfiber chenille noodle mitt or a waffle-weave microfiber cloth will do the job more gently.

Another important element of a modern car wash is the use of a high-pressure system. The high-pressure washer has rotating water jets with nozzles at various angles. This forces the water to hit the vehicle in a circular pattern, which is similar to the appearance of a pinwheel. The high-pressure washer also functions as a scrubber. The water pressure in a high-pressure wash system can reach up to 1000 psi.


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