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  • 03-15
    Automated Car Wash Equipment

    In addition to the standard cleaning practices, car wash operators should implement environment-specific considerations when choosing equipment. While a manufacturer's recommendation is an excellent place to start, it is important to follow them closely. A tool that is used less frequently needs a lower cleaning frequency than a tool exposed to chemicals. Read More »

  • 02-23
    How To Use Smart Car Wash Tools

    In a contactless car wash, washing the car does not require the use of a sponge or fabric. All the cleaning agents and water are used directly on the vehicle. The employee performs the washing process with the help of special tools and equipment.The water is heated to the right temperature and then transported to the car with high pressure. Read More »

  • 09-26
    A Car Wash That Offers Clean Machine Services

    If you own a carwash and you want to increase the number of clients visiting your facility, one of the best things you can do is install a clean machine car wash. A clean machine car wash will make sure that each vehicle dipped in the water has an immaculate surface and thus, this will attract more clients as the dirty car is left far and wide and therefore, it will be seen by more people. Read More »

  • 05-27
    Car Wash Machine Cost

    The car wash machine cost depends on the model and the size of your car wash. The price is determined by the features and the quality of the car wash machine. It is important to take note that while purchasing a car wash machine for sale, it is a must to check all the options that come with that machine so as to ensure that one buys the one that fits their needs perfectly. Read More »

  • 03-25
    Save Time And Money With Car Wash Systems

    The car wash industry is seeing a booming business in the form of "machine car washes". Read More »

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