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Intelligent Car Washing Machine

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A touchless car washing machine is a robotic wash system that does not require human contact. It uses an advanced flow concept and engineered spray patterns to apply a specialty chemical product and high-pressure water spray to achieve a superior wash finish. It also offers many advantages, including an overhead configuration that keeps the wash bay clear of any obstructions. It is easy to use and can accommodate all types of vehicles. Some models even have a hand-drying option for the most delicate finishes.

It uses a galvanized steel frame and a high-pressure wash system for superior washing performance. It has a simple operation and features a liquid automatic siphon and foam and water proportioning system. Its multi-stage cleaning feature produces a consistent level of coverage and reduces corner time from four seconds to 1.5 seconds. Designed for faster, safer, and more thorough washing, the Smart 360 Arch Control intelligently operates around the perimeter of the vehicle, monitoring conditions and adjusting to avoid attendant interaction.

The OKO contactless automatic car wash equipment utilizes high-pressure cleaning technology. Touchless systems do not make physical contact with vehicles. High-pressure water is applied in a sequence of Cleaning Agents. It is important to note that touchless systems have the advantage of being more expensive, but they are highly effective. They are perfect for car washes that do not have much space or budget. These machines also have the advantage of being more energy efficient than traditional car washes.

Intelligent Car Wash Machine

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