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How To Use Smart Car Wash Tools

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How To Use Smart Car Wash Tools

In a contactless car wash, washing the car does not require the use of a sponge or fabric. All the cleaning agents and water are used directly on the vehicle. The employee performs the washing process with the help of special tools and equipment. The water is heated to the right temperature and then transported to the car with high pressure. Hot wax is used to polish the car's exterior. This process requires the use of the right cleaning agents and detergents.

During the wash, the robotic arm detects the three-dimensional size of the vehicle. The robotic arm stops its operation if it comes into contact with a faulty object. This prevents any damages to the car. The machine also guides the vehicle owner to the designated parking area through a prompt light. The system automatically alerts the user when the wash equipment fails. Moreover, the robot also enables operators to collect data from the customer's car in real time.

The touchless car wash uses mass amounts of water to wash the car. The mass amount of water is seen as a positive contribution to the environment. This technique is also beneficial in cleaning the vehicle because it can reach every nook and cranny of the vehicle, whereas conventional brushes can only reach a few parts. Hence, the service is not limited to the upper portion of the car. The car is cleaned from the inside out without touching any part of the car.

Smart Car Wash Tools

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