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Benefits of a Contactless Car Wash Machine

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Benefits of a Contactless Car Wash Machine

The latest contactless car wash machines engage sprayers to clean your car. These machine don't touch the vehicle at all, and they can wash and dry it with minimal attendant interaction. These machines also have a higher drying rate and are more cost-effective. Some operations even have a hand-dry option. To learn more about this new technology, read on. We've listed some of the benefits of this type of car wash machine.

- Smart 360(tm) Technology: This system uses a swivel-shaped sensor to accurately measure the amount of liquid to use and the volume of water used per car. The smart 360-rotating arm sprays various washing chemicals with high-precision proportioning technology, ensuring an optimum mix. This system is also easy to use and reduces costs. The system reduces the interaction between the customer and the attendant.

- Self-Serve Computer: The automated self-serve touchless car wash machine allows the customer to input payment and wash instructions. Some systems even incorporate water recycling measures. The cost of operating a contactless car wash facility is significantly less than running a traditional carwash facility. And, the AXE system has a built-in central processing unit that manages the entire process. Regardless of which model you choose, you'll have fewer lines, more consistent service and repeat customers.

Contactless Car Wash Machine

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