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OKO Smart Wash Car Wash Machine

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OKO Smart Wash Car Wash Machine

OKO is a manufacturer of fully automatic intelligent car wash machines, which is also known as "Automatic Car Wash Machine". This car washing machine is equipped with four sets of 12Kw multi-wing air drying systems and can dry the entire vehicle in just 3 minutes. This car washing machine is designed to save both time and labor. It also has advanced management modes, which reduce energy consumption and enhance environmental protection. Besides, it is designed for the convenience of car owners and operators.

The Touchless Smart Car Wash System is fully automated, which means that the carwash system will clean the car automatically and with minimal labor. This system also includes automatic waxing and polishing. It uses a high-pressure water spray and air drying. Its Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technology, which enables it to respond to dynamic conditions. The washing time of the vehicle can be customized according to the vehicle's condition. Furthermore, it features One Touch Operation, which means that you can change the speed and duration of the machine.

The Shining Sun Smart Octopus CL360 touchless car wash machine is a good example of a touchless car wash machine. It combines high pressure water jets with a high-pressure water stream to give the vehicle a thorough cleaning. With its phonetic guiding system, the customer can easily see the process of the machine. It is also able to handle a variety of different carwash tasks, such as auto detailing.

Smart car wash Machine

OKO was founded in 2019 as an auto products company whose primary business consists of R&D, production and selling.
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