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Car Wash Builders

  • OKO-200

  • OKO

OKO was founded in 2019 as an auto products company  whose primary business consists of R&D,  production and selling.

OKO imports mature and stable smart car wash system from OKO’s Canada company and advanced management program from western countries as its main products. There are four advantages contributing to its core competitiveness such as leading, mature and stable equipment, neutral environment friendly free brushing car wash liquid recipe, recycling of wastewater and reutilization. Advanced management and cooperation modes from European and American countries are introduced. Production and acceptance check follow European quality standard. Main components are bought from famous European brands, such as water pump of PINEL from Germany, PLC of Siemens from Germany, electrical parts of Schneider from France for insurance to products’ stability and durability. Problems like large amount of capital input in startup, difficulty in recruitment, high cost of labor and low efficiency of car will be solved to realize cooperation and the win-win strategy to grow with the customer together.


(The following two choices are specially recommended to unmanned system)



Suitable for cars having not been washed for about one week, quick wash, low requirement for car cleanliness

Equipment parameters or parts are subject to change without prior notice


Suitable for cars having not been washed for more than two weeks with relatively more sediment accumulation. Cleaning and coating at the same time, which is the best choice for car paint caring.

car washer4


1.Cleaning of High-pressure chassis

Dirt especially snow-melting agent stuck to chassis will lead to rusting of chassis without timely cleaning. Strong fan-shaped water is used to brush dirt on the chassis

2.Energy-saving Smart rotating Spraying of Car Wash liquid

To meet the cost control requirement of brushing free car wash liquid from domestic shops, the company makes use of special technic to separate high-pressure water and brushing free car wash liquid. Spraying of atomized free brushing car wash liquid with small independent mechanical arm will promote dirt cleaning efficiency with separation of car wash liquid in an energy-saving way.

3.360-Degree Smart rotating Spraying of Maintenance Shampoo

Mechanical Arm makes evenly spraying to cover the car with maintenance shampoo foam atomized with special device to play its role in protection of paint surface

4.360-Degree Smart rotating High-pressure BrushingBright Colored CoatingEmbedded Quick Drying 

Spraying mechanical arm makes all-round cleaning in an equal velocity, equal distance, equal pressure fan-shaped water medium polishing way, with 360-degree surrounding high-pressure untouched. Brushing of the car body with fan-shaped water medium polishing method realizes polishing of the car body with cleaning.

5.Bright Colored Coating

Coating water covers the car’s paint surface with a layer of high molecular polymer that will turn into a solid protective film after mixing, which provides the car with a strong layer of protection paint to prevent it from damages like acid rain, pollution and ultraviolet rays.

6.Embedded Quick Drying System

Realize quick drying with high-pressure fan through oriented jet flow, low power, high wind speed and high pressure. Make the best combination between effect and energy consumption with sectional strengthening for the whole car body.

7.Smart Collision Prevention System

Car Blog Car Wash Machine is a smart car wash device which can wash cars on the premise of safety. Security protection is available in all kinds of emergencies to ensure clean wash and safe operation.

8.Smart liquid Proportioning System

This system acts as a powerful chemical laboratory equipped with various liquid packages including normal car wash liquid, water expelling and coating wax, brushing free car wash liquid, which realizes fully automatic proportion adjustment without manual operation.

9.24-hour Smart Car Wash with Fully Smart Unmanned System

This system is capable of finishing the whole car wash process with computer’s smart control in unmanned operation condition according to car wash procedure preset by customers. This is a genuine fully automatic untouched car wash machine which realizes replacement of machines by human beings and 24 hours self-service.

Equipment parameters or parts are subject to change without prior notice.



OK-100 Energy-saving Drying version

OK-100 Energy-saving Standard version


3 years for main components

 (Free home maintenance for 1 year)

Average number of different types


installation included

installation included

Main Functions

1. Chassis Brushing

2.Foam  Spraying

3.High-pressure Brushing

4.Bright Colored Coating

5.Mobile  Drying

6.Customize Program

7.One Machine with Many Liquids 

8.Authomatic Matching

9.LED Indication

10.Energy Saving System

11.Converter System

12.Pressure Adjustment in Partition 

13.Smart Vibration Reduction 

14.Electrical Collision Avoidance

15.Mechianical Collision Avoidance

16.Imitation Inspection

17.Self-checking of Breakdown 

18.Counting Function

1.Chassis Brushing

2.Foam Spraying                             

3.High-pressure Brushing        

4.Customize  Program

5.One Machine with Many Liquids 

6.Authomatic Matching

7.LED Indication16.Counting Function 

8.Energy Saving System

9.Converter System

10.Pressure Adjustment in Partition

11.Smart Vibration Reduction

12.Electrical Collision Avoidance 

13.Mechianical Collision Avoidance

14.Imitation Inspection

15.Self-checking of Breakdown 


Smart Payment/Membership Card Payment

Smart Payment/Membership Card Payment

installation Size

Length 6.3 cm * Width 3.2 cm * Height 3.2 cm

Length 6.3 cm * Width 3.2 cm * Height 3.2 cm

Water Pump

PINFL, Germany

PINFL, Germany


100 kg Pressure, 90-140L Water Volume

100 kg Pressure, 90-140L Water Volume


car washing machine for business

car washing machine for business

car wash equipment3

Exit Pattern: Width 4 meters, length 9 metersPass-through Pattern: 

Width 4 meters, length 6.5 meters

Engine room: 2 meters × 3 meters

Water, power, gas support on customer’s account

Water Supply

Pipe Diameter DN 25 Flow Capacity ≥ 200L/MIN

Power Supply

Voltage AC380v50HZ (Three-phase Five-wire System)

 15 Square International Cable

Gas Supply

Pressure 0.5~0.7Mpa/Flow Capacity≥0.1m3/min

Equipment parameters or parts are subject to change without prior notice.