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Buying a Car Wash Machine

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A quality car washing machine is a necessity in keeping your car looking, smelling and feeling clean after a hard day on the road. Whilst a simple, robust, dual walled high pressure car wash machine may be all you need, some more advanced features such as extra features such as a Foam Floor Mat may give you the extra confidence you need to really clean your car to perfection and in record time. While simple and straightforward, a high pressure car wash machine will give you an edge over your competition. Advanced technology and high performance parts mean that there is nothing that will stand between your cleaning success and your customers coming back again.

In many cases, high pressure washing machines are more expensive to buy new than the cheaper, lower pressure versions. However, the difference they make in the amount of time that your car requires to be washed is huge. It can take up to six hours just to wash a smaller vehicle and less than four hours for larger vehicles such as sedans and SUV's. If you are in the car washing business you know that each car is different and washing a car every six hours or less is a definite deal breaker for most car owners, particularly if they must travel long distances to go car washing. Therefore, a high pressure washing machine can save you a lot of time when it comes to washing a car and will increase the amount of business that you will have over the years.

Along with a high pressure car wash machine you will also need to buy a car washing bay to fit it. The car wash bay will add additional drying capacity to your machine and help keep your car clean and dry after a wash. If you buy a smaller, cheaper car wash bay you may find that it doesn't dry your car as well as a more expensive, higher capacity car wash bay. You will need to test out both before you buy to see which works best for you.

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