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Smart Car Wash Tools That Will Save You Money

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Smart Car Wash Tools That Will Save You Money

One of the most important tools to a smart car wash is your air compressor, or in other words your pressure washer. You need to have proper air pressure to wash those stubborn dirt and grease build up on car surfaces, but with today's high pressure air systems you can't count on it. You might think that with the high pressures you are using on the car wash equipment that you will get more clean per load, and indeed you will, but the problem is that you are using a lot more water and energy to do so. The air compressor works to push out a higher pressure that allows more water to flow into the machine, but it also uses a lot more energy and water. This can really cost you money if you are using it more than necessary, but if you are using it is only being used half the time, then it won't be costing you much more in the long run.

The only way to really keep your pressure washer running at top efficiency is to leave it plugged in the whole time you are washing cars. When you are done washing the car simply unplug it should be working fine again. It isn't going to charge up and drain all of its power like a battery does over time, but it will hold it's charge just fine. These little things go a long way when you consider how many autos you are washing during any given week.

Some smart car wash tools to consider are pressure washers that plug into an outlet rather than an air compressor. This makes it possible to leave them plugged in all day and they still hold their charge well enough to allow you to clean a car several times during the week. These are also very low maintenance and will allow you to use them again without worry of them wearing out or losing their effectiveness. With these and other smart car wash tools you will be able to keep your machines running smart, and saving you money along the way.


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