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OKO300A Fully Automatic Contactless Car Wash Machine

  • OKO-300A

  • OKO


Parameters of oko contactless intelligent car washing machine
Model OKO-300A
Guarantee one year
Install Remote instruction
Major function Automatic mixing
High pressure flushing
Program automation
Foam spray
Energy saving system
Variable frequency system
Water pressure adjustment
Intelligent anti shake
Electronic collision avoidance
Mechanical collision prevention
Vehicle commander inspection
Fault self check
Counting function
One machine with multiple liquids 2 groups
Process LED display
Chassis flushing
Mobile air drying
Bright color coating Optional
Smart payment (WeChat Alipay) Optional
Smart license plate recognition payment (including WeChat Alipay) Optional
Usage voltage/power 380V/7.5KW
Controller PLC and program OKO
Water pump PINEL from Germany
Relay Schneider from France  
AC contactor Schneider from France  
Flushing pressure 30-50kg pressure
Water consumption for car washing 90-200L water volume
Installation dimensions (Length*width*height) 6.3m*3.2m*3.2m
Vehicle backing space (Length*width*height) 7m*4m*3.3m
Vehicle throughing space (Length*width*height) 8m*6m*3.3m
Machine room requirements (customer equipped) Machine room area: 2*3M, three-phase electricity: KW, with three-phase four-wire leakage 100A electric switch, and the ground wire is less than 4 Ω. Water: 6 water inlet pipes. Gas: Equipped with 3KV air compressor.
Technical service:  Lao Dening +86 18902552181

Business contact:  Zhang Qiuyue +86 13922741128

1. The above quotation does not include air compressors, water tanks, floor panels, drainage works, water and electricity to the machine room.

2. Our company’s factory standard wiring is 10 meters in total. If the customer’s computer room is located far away, it is necessary to extend the line pipe. The lengthened part will cost $40 per meter.

3. If the vehicle is installed to pass through the site directly, an additional $70 will be charged because of the need to add control circuits, sensors, and mounting brackets.

car wash equipment3

Exit Pattern: 4 meters × 9 meters

Pass-through Pattern: 4 meters × 6.5 meters

Engine room: 2 meters × 3 meter

Equipment parameters or parts are subject to change without prior notice.