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Contactless Car Wash Systems

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Contactless Car Wash Systems

A contactless car wash basically uses high-pressure water and chemicals to clean a car without ever touching it. This type of washing system can potentially save a car owner a lot of money because you don't have to worry about restoring your car after a wash. The biggest advantage of this kind of car washing system is that no paint damage is done to the car the way that it would be if a manually operated car wash was used. This type of cleaning system has been on the market for decades and millions of cars still use this system. Some manufacturers still offer systems that use touch-free technology. Many companies offer warranty protection on these products for as long as the car is owned by the buyer.

The biggest disadvantage of using a contactless car wash system is the cost of the unit itself, which is expensive. While these units do save a lot of money on maintenance costs over the years, they are generally a lot more expensive than traditional car washes. In order to keep these systems running efficiently, lots of upkeep is necessary. Manual car washing systems will require quite a bit of upkeep and are not designed for long periods of use; therefore, the cleaning requirements of these units are very steep.

Contactless systems can also be used in combination with other cleaning methods to give you even more savings. For instance, many contactless car wash systems can be used in conjunction with hot soapy water to increase the efficiency of the system and save you even more money. There are even systems that are sold with an ionic dryer, which is a big help in drying your car after a quick cleaning. Ionic dryers are known to be more efficient at drying cars than conventional dryers and are great for the environment.

Contactless car wash

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