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Choosing an Eco Car Wash System

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Choosing an Eco Car Wash System

The new Eco Hand Car Wash Machine is one of the most technologically advanced car wash systems on the market today. Its four wheels make it easier to maneuver, helping you to clean more often and thoroughly. It is also a very environmentally friendly choice for your business, because it uses electric motors instead of brushes or water jets, two more green technologies being used in today's environmentally conscious car cleaning systems. Eco Hand has been on the market for a few years and has many happy customers that were able to maximize its functionality and use in their business washing trucks.

The new Eco High Pressure entry-level electric car wash for sale machine is also one of the most technologically advanced car wash machines on the market today. It has an aluminum body with a poly-carbonate interior which allows it to resist staining and scratching and be extremely durable. It also comes with a high-pressure sprayer, low-flow brush, and a high efficiency wet and dry towel. It is great for washing larger vehicles that have a lot of car wash traffic and is also very safe under all circumstances.

An eco wash for sale machine is a great investment in your business, because it saves you money when you consider the amount of water and energy that you are saving by not having to use a conventional car wash system. You can also use less harsh chemicals when you wash with an ecosystem, reducing your impact on the environment. Both the Eco High Pressure and Eco hand car wash machine options have many features that make them unique, including automatic shut off, touch pad controls, dual flush design, multiple water tanks, and a stainless-steel construction, along with all of the other features mentioned above. When you consider the benefits of both the Eco High Pressure and Eco hand car wash machine options, along with the cost savings and durability, they are an excellent combination for your business.

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