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Car Wash Equipment

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Car Wash Equipment

The car wash industry is growing each year. This growth has led to increased demand for car wash equipment, which in turn has led to an increase in car wash equipment sales. While there are a number of different types of car wash equipment on the market today, some manufacturers and distributors offer specialized equipment for car washes. These manufacturers and distributors typically focus on one particular type of car wash, which makes it easier for customers to find and select the equipment that best suits their needs.

In addition to offering specialized equipment for car washes, most distributors and manufacturers of car wash equipment also offer a full range of other equipment that can help a car wash owner achieve optimum cleaning results. Air Dryers. Air Dryers, also referred to as a "dryer", is an important part of every professional car wash system. Air Dryers, also referred to as a "foam gun", are used to dry the car quickly after a car wash, and are essential to the effective cleaning process.

Portable Car Wash Systems. Portable car wash equipment, also called "portables" or "freshening units", are another vital feature of professional car wash equipment. These equipment pieces are typically made of sturdy material and designed to be quickly and easily moved from car wash to the car wash or vice versa. These portable car wash equipment pieces are often very effective at deterring grease, oils, and dirt from stubborn stains.

car wash equipment

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