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Car Wash Equipment Today

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When it comes to the car wash industry, there are a lot of companies and equipment types competing for the attention of customers. Car washing is a competitive business, and many competing companies will try anything and everything they can to get the customer's business. In order to attract more customers to their car wash locations, many companies are trying to find ways to cut down on costs, and one of the cheapest ways to cut down on costs is to make the car wash equipment that you use, self serve. Instead of having to hire employees to do all the cleaning up for you, customers can take care of all the cleaning themselves! It is a great way to save money on labor, yet still be able to offer your customers a great service.

Self-wash car wash systems are becoming more popular as time goes by. They are an excellent choice for a number of reasons, including the fact that they are extremely easy to use. Rather than sitting back in the chair in front of your car wash equipment system, customers can actually wash their own cars by simply rolling up the self wash equipment that is supplied with most automatics. The customer simply gets out of their car; chooses a self wash package (normally deluxe, basic, etc.); inserts a few coins, money, or other tokens into a coin slot to initiate the washing process; and then completes the washing of their car in the manner that suits them best by pressing a few buttons on their handy remote control.

One feature of touches self-serve car wash equipment is the fact that it can clean more cars than any other type of machine in existence at the moment. There are currently four different technologies used to power these touches devices, namely: pressure wave technology, infrared light energy, capacitive light energy, and ultrasonic sound waves. Each of these technologies has distinct advantages, and none of them are inferior to the others. Many car wash owners feel that they use their hands more efficiently than machines, which is why many car washes (as well as the luxury car washes) still employ the use of a touchless cleaner rather than a manual one. However, studies have shown that while human beings are still far from perfect when it comes to cleaning, touchless car wash equipment has already proven its effectiveness in a number of studies.


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