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Automobile Washing Machine and Automatic Car Wash Robot

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An Automobile Washing Machine is a vehicle-washing device that uses a continuous stream of water supplied by a utility connection. It is equipped with a turbine pump that drives water through a circulating system on a frame, ensuring uniform pressure throughout the washing process. The water is then conveyed to a spray loop mounted on a traversing spray frame that is suspended on floor or overhead tracks and adapted to automatically reciprocate over the automobile.

A circulating system for the frame includes a pair of substantially U-shaped conduits. One loop carries the wash fluid, while the other loop delivers rinse liquid. The upper portion of each spray loop comprises a horizontal straight section 100 and brackets 102. The spray loop's legs are connected to the extensions. The two opposite arms of each spray loop 96 are secured to opposing ends of the frame, and both extend upward from the bottom.

The frame and sliding device of the automobile washing machine are integral parts. The lower and upper cleaning robots are connected to the slidable device 4, and the fluid supply unit supplies high-pressure fluid to the nozzles. The main frame and upper washing manipulator are attached to each other, while the side cleaning robot has a telescopic arm and lateral pipelines. Each of these parts is designed to provide the maximum cleaning power to the vehicle.

The lateral cleaning robot, in addition to the side cleaning member, includes a lateral widening mechanism 80. Its lateral cleaning member is mounted on a step, which is controlled by a stepping motor through a gear set. The lateral width adjustment mechanism adjusts the distance between the nozzle 84 and the side surface of the car. By adjusting the lateral width, the side cleaning robot can reach areas that are difficult to reach with a brush.

A vehicle washer comprises a reciprocating inverted U-shaped frame with guiding and supporting means. The frame has first and second fluid lines that convey the fluids under pressure to the surface of the vehicle. These lines also include spray nozzles disposed within the frame. The drive means moves the frame, and the control means controls the flow of fluid through the pipes. If the vehicle washer has a rotary motor, the cylinder rotates at the top or bottom of the frame.


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