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Automated Car Wash Benefits and Options

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Automated Car Wash Benefits and Options

Automated car wash systems have become more popular over the past ten years. Although they are very convenient and can free up lots of time when cleaning a car, there are some advantages and disadvantages to an automated car wash system. An automated car wash requires the use of a high pressure water hose which may be limited in some areas or may not be available at all depending on your service provider. An automated car wash also requires the use of a high pressure pump which may be expensive depending on the model and pressure needs of your area.

An automated car wash isn't without its disadvantages though. They are usually more expensive to install and can sometimes be harder to run. Also, the convenience of being able to wash your car in the comfort of your own home and then have your car washed professionally on a dryer by a machine is not always practical if you live in an apartment or a multi-unit dwelling where washing your car is outside year round. Also, in larger cities where car washes are popular there may be no dryer available for use in an automated car wash. These systems will also only clean your car manually as opposed to completely, requiring you to load your car onto the washer and manually load the rinse into the machine.

Some automated car washes employ a touchless car wash system, using no water on the skin of your car. A soft tap is used to activate the system, activating the high-pressure water spray on the car. When the user presses a button, the high-pressure water is released on the car and the robotic arms on the wash system pick up the dry dirt with the gentle, touchless push of a button. These systems usually come with optional brushes for maximum cleaning power and efficiency, but can be used with other types of robotic brushes. These brushes can range in size from narrow brush attachments to wider, higher-powered attachments, depending on how large your car is.

Automated Car Wash

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